Yesterday morning I was running errands before work and one of them was a stop at the bank. The line REDiculously long so I went next door to use the atm. Mind you there are two atms and one speedi-teller station and one woman in this room. I walk in and the woman says “Excuse me” as she picks up her stuff and moves to the atm to make her transaction. “Oh, no problem” I say and start filling out an envelope for my deposit. I hear her mumble but just figured she was talking to herself and continue on. She finishes up and says something-something “RUDE!” as she walked out the door. And then it occurred to me: when I said “No problem” she said “Well I think it is” in response. The “excuse me” she mumbled when I walked in must have been a “get the fuck out” excuse me. Not “excuse me for taking up the entire counter.” oops…

It turns out the door has a lock for people who want to make their atm/speedi-tell transactions alone. The door obviously wasn’t locked. And the woman was wearing huge sunglasses. You know, those glasses that are styled to look way to big for your face? So there was no reading facial expressions and no reading the tone of her voice because of the mumbling. WTF?! I totally felt like a guy at that moment. 😛

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