it’s been two weeks of cleaning up kitten puke. right after she eats she pukes it up. yesterday she actually got so ill that it was coming out her nose and she couldn’t breath. it was awful to watch. the second time she did it i took into an animal emergency clinic. they gave us some medicine and told her to split a small can of kitten food into five portions and feed her five times a day. when i got up this morning i gave her the medicine and her first portion. she puked it up but not as violently as last night. i gave her the second portion four hours later and she puked it up again. she didn’t even get to finish. the vet said that her blood-work came back normal so if the vomiting continued she was going to need x-rays and a gi exam. chances are the food is getting stuck somewhere and she’s going to need surgery to fix it.

so, we can’t keep her because we can’t afford to fix her. and i feel horrible about it. i’ll have to take her to an animal shelter and hopefully there’s someone who can give her a good home.

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