While there were some very irritating moments, overall I had blast with the Cafe Penguicon. I hope everyone else had fun too. The room was jammed packed from 8pm until about 12am. Non-stop! My feet are so sore today. I did leave the room for a few to check out the Pirate’s room party across the hall and was very impressed with it.

Thank you so much for having patience with me and helping me out. It seemed like people really enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to Penguicon in April. (Ger and I have been tossing around the idea of throwing a room party ourselves.) The chocolate fountain was a hit! The LN2 icecream was sooo much fun. And people really liked the Bubble Gum flavored Cola.

And Thank you to my awesome husband Nick for running to the store for us, showing up with dinner for me, and drawing the smiley face and my cleavage.

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