Books I’ve Read In 2007

by Anne Rice

The Vampire Lestat
by Anne Rice

Polgara The Sorceress
by David and Leigh Eddings

A Long Way Gone
by Ishmael Beah

Belgarath The Sorcerer
by David and Leigh Eddings

Past Due
by William Lashner

Fruits Basket
by Natsuki Takaya

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
by J. K. Rowling

Free Comics:

  • The Umbrella Academy
    by Gerard Way, Gabriel BA, Dave Stewart,
    Nate Piekos
  • Micky Mouse
    by Floyd Gottfredson
  • The Amazing Spider-man
    by Dan Slott & Phil Jimenez

The Serpent’s Shadow
by Mercedes Lackey

Tales of the Vampires
by Joss Whedon, Ben Edlund, Jane Espensen,
Brett Matthews, Drew Goddard, Tim Sale,
Scott Morse, Mike Mignola

The Bridge to Terabithia
by Katherine Paterson

The Tale of The Body Thief
by Anne Rice

The Rowan
by Anne McCaffrey

by Nancy Kricorian

by Robin McKinley

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 8 Parts 1-4
by Joss Whedon, Georges Jeanty
Andy Owens, Dave Stewart, Richard Starkings

Dark Rivers of the Heart
by Dean Koontz

The Black Swan
by Mercedes Lackey

Enchanter’s End Game (Belgariad)
by David Eddings

Castle of Wizardry (Belgariad)
by David Eddings

Pawn of Prophecy (Belgariad)
by David Eddings

Queen of Sorcery (Belgariad)
by David Eddings

Alichino: Volume 1
by Kouyu Shurei

Lament of the Lamb: Volume 1
by Kei Toume

Moon Called
by Patricia Briggs

Magician’s Gambit (Belgariad)
by David Eddings

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